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This page belongs to Turned On Ventures Guideline Series.

Turned On Ventures Components are stored in the common repository, addressed below :

To use a component in a project, follow these steps :

  1. Check out the component repository
    • Open a terminal
    • Switch current directory to Classes folder under your sub-project
    • If there exists any Components directory, it means, you've currently imported the repository and you can skip to next step
    • Edit the external items list using
      svn propedit svn:externals .
    • Add the following line to the list
    • Save the list and exit
    • Update your code repository to check out the new external item to your project
      svn update
  2. Open your xcodeproj file using XCode and create a new Group called Components if it doesn't exists
  3. Right-click on Components group and select Add => Existing Files
  4. Navigate to Components folder under Classes directory and select individual components you want to import

  • Please don't import the whole Components directory into the xcode project and follow those steps stated above to select individual components you need.

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