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Sunstar Black-List Configuration Panel Screen-Shot

Sunstar is a server management interface, mainly used to control user account registration, plus a fully featured web proxy server which provides cache control, web access log analysis, bandwidth and quota control. It is based on reliable and powerful Linux server platforms, and proven services such as Squid for web cache and acceleration, Apache for serving web pages and MySQL as data back-end. You can force access limits on the websites, user accounts and/or specific computers on the network. It also includes a live log monitor which allows you to see what web sites your users are currently browsing.

To simplify the analysis over access logs, Sunstar includes the log analyzer module in which you can search specific access patterns you're looking for, detect suspicious activity and block them.

Sunstar is also able to apply bandwidth and quota limits. Quotas can be defined in terms of usage volume and time limits, while the internet bandwidth could be specified for each group of users.

The user registration module allows you to provide a two phase registration process, in which users fill out the application form for a new account and admin is able to approve or reject the requested accounts. So it is suitable to be used in your work place, university, dormitory and high school to achieve full-control over Internet access in your network.


  • User account registration and confirmation
  • Editing user information before account approval
  • Web interface for users to recover and change passwords
  • Live proxy access log monitor
  • Bandwidth control
  • Forcing Quota limits on both usage duration and volume
  • Block internet access via Username / Mac Address
  • Block internet access to specific web site URL patterns
  • Log analyzer module to analyze access logs using multiple criteria

Screen Shots

Log Analyzer Panel
Black-List Configuration Panel
Registration And Administrator Login


At current stage, only local installation orders, in Iran, are accepted. Contact me at

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