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This page belongs to Turned On Ventures Guideline Series.

Before starting a new project

Don't forget to :

  • Have brainstorming sessions
  • Finalize the business model
    1. How will my software be used (and by whom)
    2. How do I make profit ?
    3. What does the software need to do
    4. How do the different features/components fit together
  • Design the project before starting the code
  • ...

To start a new project

  • Create appropriate SVN and project page at
    • Place a 'Monko-' prefix for the project name. (ex. Tower project would become Monko-Tower)
    • Add project contributors and set the permissions up
    • Add project contributor's email to the SVN Commit notification list
  • Create initial folders
    • Documents - To hold any documents and designs
    • Graphics - To hold original graphic designs.
    • Source - Any sub-project would have a folder under this one
  • Commit current design documents into Documents folder
  • When creating a new project in your IDE, Choose the Source folder as parent of new project folder

Commiting new sub-project to SVN

  • To commit the X-Code projects for the first time :
    1. Remove the build folder project to avoid adding Binary files to the repository
    2. Remove all pbxuser and mode1v3 files from the xcodeproj folder
    3. Make sure that the Group hierachy of your project matches your directory structure inside Classes folder
    4. Change directory to the Source folder and add the new project using svn add [ProjectName] command
  • Add the extra files to svn:ignore list to avoid uploading extra files
    1. inside the project directory, type svn status to find out the new files having ? sign
      • if the file/folder should be added to svn, add it using svn add command
    2. switch directory to the parent folder where you're going to ignore files
    3. use svn propedit svn:ignore . and and the files either using wildcards (ex *.pbxuser) or specific name (ex. build)

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