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Narcis4Linux (AKA Narcis For Linux) is a free to use port of famous Persian-English dictionary called Narcis. Narcis software has almost stopped the development and improvement of Narcis dictionary and in addition they've only released a windows version. This project tries to bring the same functionality as much as possible. At the current stage, Narcis for Linux is highly under development and most of the features are remaining but we try to maintain and release usable versions on certian time frames.
In the mean time, you can use other multilingual dictionaries available for Persian users such as xFarDic, StarDict and MDic. See links below.


N4L is available as binary packages for Debian/Ubuntu systems. Fedora packages will be released soon.

Source Code

Narcis4Linux has been written using C++ and QT4 library-set. You can access the application source code except the part that decrypts the Narcis database, Since I don't have the permission from Narcis Software to distribute their database information.


N4L is a Freeware, provided AS IS and comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY.


Narcis Software - Online Dictionary
MDic - Multilingual Dictionary
StarDict - Cross-Platform and international dictionary software
xFarDic - is a comprehensive multilingual dictionary developed using GTK2, wxWidgets, libxml2
GoldenDict - A feature-rich dictionary lookup software

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